Inspired by the screen-printing process and the iconic rock band, The HELMET Collection is a series of twenty 1/1 skull NFTs by Tenebrini, available on both the Tezos and Etherium blockchains.

In the early 2000s when I first printed this image with Squad19, I was just learning how to print in my basement, the learning curve was high and mistakes were made. This has been one of my best-selling images however and I’ve used it on things like stickers, skateboards, and sketchbooks over the years so, it seems fitting to revisit it again as I dig in and learn to NFT.

At some point, back then, I started printing an open edition of the HELMET skull. This was back in 2008/9 probably. A bunch of them were red, a bunch of them were pink, I was going to do a bunch of different colors but I got sidetracked or busy or something, I honestly don’t remember. We had a fresh baby or two around that time. In that process, however, I ended up with a pile of really cool test print/mono-prints. These are random layers made to get the ink flowing through the screen during the screenprinting process. Some are years in the making and no two are ever the same.

There were a bunch (about 30 x 1/1) and they all sold out a long time ago but you get the idea. Recently I used the HELMET skull as my genesis piece on HEN before I understood the NFT space and really had a plan. So, now that I have a plan, next is an exploration that’s a jump-off of the screenprinting process and the layering of test prints in a digital format. To start, I’ll be dropping 1/1s each week on and OpenSea. 20 in total for the first batch. Some will be static, some will be animated, 5 will be from collaborators, they’ll all be face-melting and awesome!

The HELMET COLLECTION starts dropping on January 1, 2022
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