My career has taken me from illustrating and screen-printing posters for some of the biggest rock and roll bands to tour the planet to conducting award-winning design and art direction for global corporations. Whether it’s ideating brand campaigns, planning and implementing digital strategies, getting ink under my fingernails printing, or filming out the side of an open van, I’ve been in the trenches forging the mission-critical partnership between dreaming and doing that ensures business success. Contact me today and let’s chat about our compatibility.

Be A Boarder
Branding / Creative Direction / Event Marketing / Illustration / Visual Design
Best Buy
Branding / Creative Direction / Email Marketing / UI/UX / Visual Design
Art Direction / Branding / Illustration / Product Launch / UI/UX / Visual Design
Indian Motorcycle
Branding / Creative Direction / Product Launch / UI/UX / Visual Design
Polaris Industries
Branding / Creative Direction / Event Marketing / UI/UX / Visual Design
Branding / Creative Direction / UI/UX / Visual Design
Squad19 Creative Union
Branding / Creative Direction / Event Marketing / Illustration / Visual Design
Branding / Creative Direction / Product Launch / UI/UX / Visual Design
U.S. Bank
Branding / Creative Direction / Graphic Production / UI/UX / Visual Design

Your brand is bigger than my ego

My dedication to your brand and project allows me to adapt my visual style based on the project needs or, to collaborate with other team members in order to ensure that appropriate and consistent branding across all channels is achieved. This is just a small sampling of some of the brands I’ve assisted over the span of my career and it doesn’t even account for the amazing list of bands I’ve had the honor of creating gig posters, album art and merch for. There are many more organizations in my history, both large and small, local and global, for-profit and pro-bono, representing a wide variety of industries and brand experiences. Contact me and let’s add your project to the list today.

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