MUSIC IS THE DRUG: 001 – Some Hip Hop

Let me just explain my love for the mixtape… the act of creating and sharing a cassette full of music that moves you, taking the time to select the songs, decorate the case, pass it on… I’m saddened that this has pretty much been lost in exchange for the instant gratification of streaming. So with that in mind, all the lists in this series will be the approximate length of a cassette tape which depending on the type of music seem to be on average around 13-20 songs or about 60-90 minutes of music. // jump to playlist

I love all kinds of music and as you would imagine, often have music playing while I work. I have a pretty gigantic and messy playlist called “The Mess In Dad’s Head” that I dump songs into as I remember them or stumble across them. I’ll pull from that list to cull it down and organize what I usually just let fly on random into digestible little pockets of mood-altering sounds for you to investigate and/or enjoy.

For most of my life growing up, I was the only one in my world who had an appreciation for Hip-Hop. I remember when I was at Brown Institute studying broadcast technology in the late 80s there was this kid in my class named Jeff who was WAY into rap when it first started to hit the mainstream via Yo MTV Raps. So much to the point that he was one of those white guys who wore the giant Africa medallion around his neck and tried to speak like a real OG from the streets of Compton. It was comical and he was a total outcast but he was the one who put a lot of the early stuff in my hands to listen to beyond what was played on MTV. Thanks, Jeff! Freak. At this point decades later, I would consider myself a casual fan of Hip Hop. I don’t go out of my way to keep up with the latest hot artists or trends but I don’t oppose listening to it or discovering new artists one way or another. If there’s something you think I should know about, I’d love to hear it. This playlist contains some standout tracks for me.

Thanks for looking!