Solidifying the vision of the collective imagination on any project is a tall order. However, establishing the visual style and brand voice with which you tell your story is critical to your brand’s success. Consistency across all channels makes for a seamless experience at every interaction—from trade shows and point-of-purchase display to promotions and UX/UI.

I have extensive experience developing concepts, layouts and presenting work to clients as well as planning and directing photo and broadcast projects from shoot through post-production. Working in collaboration with clients, copywriters and other creatives is something I have always enjoyed. I also come with over a decade of experience in the interactive realm so I’m comfortable working with developers and technical experts on projects large and small.

According to my daughter, my YouTube series Lunch With Peter was ahead of its’ time. Apparently watching people eat is all the rage now. I just wanted to learn how to use iMovie. Who knew?

View my Art Direction collection on Behance.