Squad19 Gigposter History 04: Los Straightjackets

los-straightjacketsThe poster we made for the Los Straightjackets December 17, 2003 show at First Avenue was our first poster to use glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent inks.

I had a very clear picture in my head as to what I wanted to see for an image as I think I had been watching a bunch of Star Trek at the time and had sexy aliens on the brain. I think I might have scribbled a really shitty sketch for DWITT who then did the illustration. Nate did the typography then I colored it and did all the pre-press production.

We were all giddy to see it come to life and glow and were still high on the fact that we were getting to make posters for all these cool bands. We were getting comps to whatever show we wanted to see at First Avenue and that’s about it. It was for us to recoup our cost through sales. At the time we didn’t much care as we were getting to make rock posters with total creative freedom most of the time and seeing lots of great shows “for free.”

Back then some poster artists would set up at the merch table and sell posters during the show but there was some debate within the gigposter community whether or not that detracted from the merch sales of the bands. I remember only doing that once or twice myself. The first time was at a Wailers show (Bob Marley’s band) and some wasteoid spilled his beer all over the merch table trashing a bunch of prints and other stuff.  Another time I sold at a show because I needed the money and wanted to try and recoup cost immediately rather than wait it out through online sales. I don’t think it was worth the effort as beyond that I’d decided that I’d rather watch the shows than stand at a table in the back of the venue.

For the longest time, this poster made me sad because I loved how it turned out and I thought I hadn’t kept one for myself which is very rare. Recently, however, my GF uncovered on in a random stack of odds and ends in the attic so I may have danced a jig that day and then immediately misplaced it again. So, if anyone has one and can tell me the edition size, please leave a comment.

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