Squad19 Gigposter History 03: Built to Spill

SQU_BuiltToSpillDave, Nate and I were in a pretty solid groove over the summer of 2003. Our unique approach to creating our posters was getting us some attention within the budding gigposter community and this Built To Spill piece done for their October 14, 2003 show in Tallahassee, FL would be the first time we were invited to be a part of a tour series as well as our first poster for a show outside our own local music scene. I think it was Jermaine Rogers who coordinated the series but I could be wrong.

This one is largely a DWITT jam as from what I recall he was the one who was friendly with Jermaine and got us in on the gig. I wasn’t really familiar with the band at the time so we agreed to let him do whatever he wanted with the imagery, then Nate did the typography (I may have over the shouldered him some) and we all printed it together in my basement. I discovered a lot of really great music in a short span of time doing posters for a slew of bands I’d never heard of.  We got a paper edition of 72 12 x 19 posters and there were some printed on plywood panels but I don’t remember how many of those got produced. I have one stashed somewhere. Likely about a dozen at best.

Back then very few people were getting paid to design and print posters. Artists got paid on the back end through poster sales so doing posters for nationally touring bands was a pretty sure way to make your money back. The tour series worked where you had to send the band a predetermined number of prints and then you could print as many for yourself to sell with the band’s permission in order to recoup the cost of production. A city/date was assigned to you and all upfront expenses were out of the artists’ pocket. It may still be that way now but I won’t work that way anymore which is why I don’t do a lot of gigposters anymore. Fortunately, this one sold out in a relatively short amount of time.

D. King Gallery has a paper copy listed for $150 if you’re interested. My stash is long gone other than my archive copy.  This is the second of two posters that ended up in Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion by Paul Grushkin,‎ and Dennis King although it’s listed under DWITT (w/Squad19) so you wouldn’t find it in the index under Squad19. It’s all good though, he got us in.

If you have any Squad19 posters in your home I’d love to see where they live. Shoot me a pic and I’ll post it up on IG.

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I appreciate your time. -ST

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