I am nothing. You can do a lot with nothing. 

I’ve never really set out to “be” anything. I don’t have a career, I have a life that I live as a person compelled to make stuff and that’s manifested itself in more ways than I ever imagined it would. I’ve had some incredible adventures that some people might be inclined to brag about. I prefer to just hold them in my heart and thank the universe for allowing me those opportunities. Recently through Squad19 I’ve decided that I would finally pursue a lifelong dream of designing skateboards so, rather than beg someone to hire me to do it for them, I just started doing it for myself.


One thing I’ve learned is that in order to survive as a creative individual without a plan, one must never stop learning so once again I opened the door to my old friend the learning curve. It’s no easy task to screenprint on a curved surface but I really want to learn how to screenprint on skateboards like they did back in the days before heat transfers. It’s way more legit and respected in the industry and while I do rely on heat transfers to some degree, for the time being, my ultimate goal is to be a brand that produces 100% screen printed decks. So rather than blowing thousands of dollars on brand new blank skateboards to learn how to screenprint on, I found used skateboards to most often be still rideable and much more cost-effective. So, I started recycling skateboards and rather than being an asshole and trying to pass off used decks as new I’ve been donating them to a local non-profit organization called Be A Boarder who offers underserved youth access to skateboarding and the valuable life lessons it teaches. This also provides me materials to teach myself a new skill (or enhance an existing skill) by forcing me to figure out the old school methods of deck printing.

This whole process felt bigger than just learning how to print decks for my own gain so I figured I’d give it a name and a logo that I could use on the decks I print and handoff. S19 reSK8 is the name and the process of obtaining used but rideable skateboards, stripping them down, cleaning them up, applying some fresh artwork and redistributing them to some kids who might otherwise not afford the opportunity to skate. 

ONE: Used but rideable decks are donated by kind individuals or scored on Craigslist for a few bucks and are stripped of their thrashed stickers and paint.
TWO: Sanded clean these decks are ready to have some fresh graphics applied. Screen printed by hand like they did in the olden days, we use this as an opportunity to hone our skills while helping others enter the wonderful world of skateboarding.
THREE: Not only are we using this as a means to provide decks to some youth in need, we’re using this as a method of learning how to print skateboard decks ourselves.
FOUR: We take used decks as a testing ground for new graphics to see how easy or difficult they might be to consistently print on new decks.
Currently, we’re dropping finished decks off at 3rd Lair where they are then being donated via Be A Boarder. They do get used and are deeply appreciated.

We’re just getting started. If you’ve got any used but rideable decks you’d like to throw on the pile please shoot us an email or message us on one of our social media accounts and we’ll figure out how to get connected.

As always, thanks for reading and keep pushin’!

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